Friday, July 22, 2005

Smells Like Freedom Lavender

Down to 6 BTSA homework assignments to do. Think I can manage to finish by Monday, ship all this junk off.

I've been cleaning. Need to get contact paper, since scrubbing the cabinets with Method's French Lavender wipes is not getting the surfaces clean enough.

Unpacking. Oy. Unpacking. Not as bad as packing, I will say that for it. But we have such a lot, still, of small junk, things that need to be filed, or thrown away, or found a box for. And I want it all to look beautiful and pulled together NOW.

Found, and Important:
my Shabbos candlesticks, (last week candles were lit in a pyrex meatloaf pan, which I think is within the letter of the law, but, er....)
the wok (thank God, life is tricky without it),
my big chunky painted glass saltshaker,
the Sriracha hot sauce (YESSSSS),
my other jeans (YESSSSSSS)
the cool willow basket I bought in Ireland
and lots of other stuff that is less exciting right now

Interesting, what you really need.

Still having to remind myself to declutter and sort as I pack. Don't just assume you want it because it is a T-shirt, LOOK AT IT. Make a decision. Just because I found a grimy scrub brush left behind by the old tenants doesn't mean I have to keep it. If I throw it out and discover I need one exactly like this, I will buy one at OSH.

I moved a lot of stuff around in the garage. I sort of obscured the deer path down the center of the garage, but it makes it possible for me to actually get to the washing machine without doing the limbo.

Declutter. Sort. Find out more about how to make a frittata. (Wrote to Aaron's Gourmet to ask about source of kosher turkey ham or bacon. Suppose I won't hear back until after Shabbos. Yes, this is connected to the frittata thought.)

A good Shabbos.

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