Monday, May 27, 2013

She rolls with a purpose

Today I put the BB down on her quilt on the floor. I showed her a toy--she's only just, at four months, starting to get interested in objects--and then I left her to her own devices, and got sucked into reading an article on the computer.

Some minutes later, whining pulled my attention back. She had, while I looked away, rolled from her back to all fours, and grabbed the toy, which she was now trying to pull toward her.

I showed it to her again, and then flipped her on her back, because she was getting tired.

A minute later, same thing.

So I put her in her bouncer seat, and we played with it together, which mostly consisted of me spinning the spinny part, and occasionally encouraging her to touch it and move it a little.

I've said that having a small child is like watching the evolution of humanity in fast speed-up motion. Having finally reached the point of seeing that this thing was interesting, she was beside herself. Her fact was rapt, and her whole body was twitching with the force of all those firing neurons. The colors! The sounds! The movement! This thing was AMAZING! Oh my God, this is the best thing ever!

Eventually she just started to short out, and cry a little. It was too much emotional energy for one sitting. I hid the Most Amazing Thing Ever under the bouncer seat, and we nursed a little. Now she is taking a nap.

Parenthood is awe-inspiring, and amazing.