Monday, July 18, 2005

Dogs Are Fabulous

Discovered this website, and thought it was awfully cool. Pups for Peace is a nonprofit that trains bomb-sniffing dogs in Israel. They do bus station patrols, among other things.

I especially like the pictures of the dogs, and the little bios that accompany them. Doc is 'a dog who qualifies by work ethic, not pedigree.' (Cute tan mutt, in other words.) Chaim is a 'mighty black labrador'. Leah Tamar is 'a beautiful and high-spirited dog with the right stuff'.

Okay, I'm mad about dogs anyway, and dogs who DO things fascinate me. I love getting my bags sniffed by the dogs at the airport. So this was a natural for me.

They also include some writing about dogs and Jewish tradition, including a dvar Torah given at the graduation of their first class. I wondered if they'd find anything positive in the tradition to say about dogs, but they do, in fact.

Check it out. You can donate to the program online.

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Elisheva said...

I love dogs too. Such wonderful animals. Thanks for the cool site.