Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Food Update


Crock-Pot cooking, combined with NO tomato sauce appears to be the answer. I ended up with pinto beans that have a deep, slightly smoky flavor and no crunch to them at all. The boyfriend ate a spoonful, pronounced them 'mushy', and seemed pleased. My current plan is to flavor them with tomato and pepper sauce and serve them with cornbread.

THE BACON: (We took a little bacon, and we took a little beans...)

At this point I think I've reached a dead end. Allan Scott reports that Eli's Restaurant in Washington has 'beef pastrami bacon', but no turkey bacon.

Aaron's Gourmet has beef fry, and a bad moral reputation attached to its meat products.

I thank everyone involved (you too, Steg), for helping, and will continue my quest for kosher bacon. Onward!


Elisheva said...

Have you tried Morningstar Farms "veggie" bacon?

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

No, not yet. I like their sausage patties.

I would be looking at that first, except that I live with a man who is willing to eat kosher meat, but draws the line at fake meat products. I think he would rebel.

Sometimes we just eat different things, I will have Morningstar sausage, and he some maple-flavored trayfness from Jimmy Dean. We split the scrambled eggs. But it's complicated. I like to find things we can both eat where possible.

AbleVaybel said...

Try Best Kosher beef fry, if you don't freak about whose supervision it's under (obviously, it's kosher or I wouldn't recommend it to you). I don't know what brands Oakland Kosher (aka "the OK corral") carries these days. The best stuff I've found is from Winnipeg(!), by Omninsky's deli, but unless you know someone on their way to the 'Peg, it's hard to come by.