Saturday, July 23, 2005

I SAID I Wore Blue Jeans

It's late Shabbos afternoon--late, late Shabbos afternoon--right now. And not being shomeret, I am playing on the computer, reading this and that, and giving myself a day off from trying to unpack and do all the homework for my continuing education junk. Waiting for the fella to wake up, since he's working nights again and is unconscious.

So I write a little thing for the blog, and then a funny thing happens. I DON'T POST IT. NOT RIGHT AWAY. I store it as a draft, planning to post it after Shabbos is over.

What the dickens is going on here folks?

Well, basically, I'm attempting to conform, publicly, to the section of the Blogosphere in which I found myself. I'm reading a lot of blogs by frum folks, and on some level, I guess, I am trying to do the blogging equivalent of putting on long sleeves and a skirt to go to dinner with the Chassids up the block. (Which I have also done.)

Yeah, well, that's someone else's house. This is my blog. And I feel as though I should introduce myself. Er....

First name: Balabusta

Last Name: Blue Jeans

What was it in the old country?: The old countries in my father's family's case were Ireland and England. It did not used to be Bluejeansky.

Affiliations?: I attend Conservative synagogues, mostly, 'cause I like the Hebrew and the egalitarianism. Registered Democrat, of the generation that imprinted on Bill Clinton like baby ducks just out of the eggshell. San Franciscan for life. Equally annoying about being Jewish and being Irish.

Why "Balabusta in Blue Jeans"?: I wanted something that expressed the dynamic of being both traditional and modern, someone who wanted to take a positive feminine image and update it a trifle. Also, I wear blue jeans a lot.

Where are the jeans from?: These days, usually J.Jill. I really LIKE J.Jill. I'm training to become a preppy in my early thirties.

Family?: Mom and Dad live in San Francisco. I live in El Cerrito with the fella. Most of the rest of the family in Southern California or New York, you'll meet them sooner or later. No siblings. The fella's family is cloaked in deep privacy, except I've already mentioned the brother-in-law in Afghanistan, and the craftsy machetenim.

What are you reading?: Currently, a mystery novel by Laura Lippman, By A Spider's Thread. Jewish content, Irish/Jewish protagonist, not a bad read at all. I just finished the latest Harry Potter, also Molly Ivins' Who Let the Dogs In?, and a weird novel about a soccer mom who fights demons, titled Carpe Demon. In theory I was going to read Bill Clinton's autobiography this summer.

Why so tetchy about intermarriage issues?: Dad's Catholic, the fella is a nonpracticing cultural Protestant. Magical thinking about Jews marrying Jews annoys me, especially when I meet their children and they think I'm a religious fanatic.

Are you actually a religious fanatic?: Adain lo.

Favorite politicians: As I mentioned, I imprinted on Bill Clinton like a duckling. I also love Barbara Boxer, and locally, Gavin Newsom is way cool. Angela Alioto fan from way back. Make of all this what you will.

What do you do for a living?: Middle school teacher. Your prayers are gratefully accepted.

Favorite TV shows?: The fella controls the remote, but I like West Wing, Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill, and, horrible though it is, House.

Anything else?: I really like the Hip-Hop Hoodios. And the Sobe LizzBlizz stuff.


Barefoot Jewess said...

I LOVE JJill! I LIVE in JJill. Majorly cool!

Preppy???! Heh. I always think of preppy as buttoned down. Oh okay, maybe you wear the buttoned down stuff? I love the fact that it's mostly natural fabrics, and loose. Also, I'm a redhead and JJill is totally redhead territory! I tend to go for the arty stuff myself. Or maybe it's the way we put it together?

I am really chuffed to meet another JJill fanatic! (besi9des my best friend. Some of my best memories are shopping with her at JJIll. We never walked out emptyhanded. Esp at the sales!)

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

Well, I suppose it's sort of hippie preppy...I just assume that anything that has a "J" in the name is kind of preppish.

But I LOVE them. Intensely.

fsgsf said...

We love you, and all Jews regardless of religiousity!!!

God loves you too!!

God cares less about the Jeans you wear, than about the Love for fellow man you have in your heart!!

If we cant learn to respect each other, how can we expect the world to respect us?

NJ from NJ

Rochelle said...

Laura Lippman is a wonderful writer, and By a Spider's Thread has been nominated for several awards. Laura and I will be on a mystery panel together in St. Louis on Nov. 10 for the Jewish book fair.

Love the name of your blog. :-)