Saturday, February 20, 2010

Almost Purim, But Not Quite

So, heck, I haven't been blogging for a while. It's almost spring. The ducks are back in the creek near the house, swimming around together. They make me happy, do the ducks. Back in town, busy with the business of being ducks.

So what is the Balabusta's business these days?

I went to the doctor and the OB/gyn lady, and said I wanted to get pregnant this coming year. We chatted, and I got some good advice and lot of reading, and the solemn aside about the risk of Down syndrome going up because I am an 'older mother'.

I sat down with the vice principal, who says that she would like to keep me another year, but it may not be possible to cobble me together another position. So, job hunting again, just as I have for all but one of the last five springs. I am so SICK of job hunting. Plus, the husband is still job hunting, and hearing nothing back. Tired. Broke. Tired of being tired and broke.

Tomorrow is the husband's birthday, and he has asked to go out for Hawaiian food, so Hawaiian food it is. He's a little sick right now, so we will either go tomorrow, or postpone his birthday to next weekend.

Mostly, right now, it's ducks, and the beginning of spring, and dusting off the old resume one more time...