Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Ants Come Marching Two By Two

They are literally coming out of the walls.

The problem, I think, is that the whole panel of cabinets and sink set into the outside wall of the building seems to be permeable by the ********** ants. They are coming in.

Yesterday they found the sugar. Today things seemed fairly calm until the moment the boyfriend pulled the trash away from the wall and, well, there was a HEAP of them. The boyfriend chose this critical moment to go to work. I ate dinner, and then got down to work. Again.

I have run out of Simple Green, my ant spray of choice. I am now wiping them away with Fabuloso, a vivid purple Mexican cleaning product that smells like industrial lavender, if you can imagine such a thing. Full strength. My hands smell like Fabuloso. The kitchen smells like Fabuloso. I suspect everything I cook for a month will have that slight lavender tinge to it.

Ants are on everything. Mostly in the kitchen, but the boyfriend has found them in the bed. They get on my hands while I'm killing them in batches and walk up my arms. Every time either I or the fella feel something on our skin, we twitch, sure it's an ant.

Tomorrow we go to OSH, and get sonar. And poison. And er...stuff.


Morrigan said...

Are they itty-bitty black ants? There was a product we always used called Taro. It's in an orange box in grocery stores around here (Maryland) near things like Raid and such.

Good luck!

Kai Jones said...

Combat bait--it comes in a hypodermic-like tube and looks like a glob of jelly when you squirt it out. Within minutes all nearby ants scurry into it. Since we started using it I've gone weeks between ant sightings (when we see one, we put out bait where it was). We also put some outside near their trails.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

We have this ant issue as well.

I do not live far from you. I know what it feels like to be a Jew living in a non-Jewish community.
There may be 10 Jewish families where I live. It can be such a lonely experience.

myownstuff said...

We just had that same ant prob- not so easy with two small children. I kept on cleaning and any traping (in places they could not reach of course). Then we went away for shabbat- Came back and they were everywhere- they took over while we were gone. So I cleaned and cleaned and then hired Orkin $200 later I have my sanity back.

AbleVaybel said...

Sorry, I should have left the Combat post here. I'd use the ant hotels as they are less toxic, uninteresting to animals, etc. Sorry that you have them now as well. My mother says that when we lived in Albany they were a fairly constant problem which required a lot of vigilance.

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Heather said...

Fabuloso is wonderful! I'm surprised I'm not the only one using it. When I noticed I had an ant problem myself, I went to my chemical storage room and noticed I had no bug spray whatsoever (bad around kids). It was either Simple Green or Fabuloso.. the green stuff stains, and Fabuloso killed them on contact! It works for scorpions too.. when I found one walking across the kitchen floor I gave it a good blast and it was dead within minutes. Rock on Fabuloso!! (I haven't had any ants come back)