Saturday, July 23, 2005

Insecticide Chalk--AAAAAARRRGH

When we moved to the new place, we left a wastebasket that apparently had something edible stuck in it in the room that has the doors to the deck. The ants showed up. (Ants are an ongoing thing in my life.)

So I pulled out the one thing that worked back at the old place, the Miraculous Insecticide Chalk. This was left behind by the machetenim. It looks like blackboard chalk, and you draw a line around the ants' point of entrance with it. It really is amazing. They can't cross the line. I drew one line on the deck, and one on the hardwood floors inside. No more ants, except for a few stragglers already inside.

So we went to friends for sewing night, and they had ants, and I mentioned this stuff. I said I'd be glad to bring over a stick. Later that day, it occurred to me to see if maybe you can order it on line.

Googled "Miraculous Insecticide Chalk".

It's banned by the EPA, people. Apparently for very good reason. This stuff is EEEEEVIL.

Grrrrr. The infuriating thing is that it works. Deltamethrin, the active ingredient, "is one of the most toxic pesticides of its kind", per the EPA. Which is apparently why I have no more ants.

Did it have to be bad?

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