Monday, July 11, 2005

I Think I Figured It Out

OK. When we moved in, we realized almost immediately that the new refrigerator, which had not been in the kitchen when we toured the new house, was in exactly the wrong place.

It's between the stove and one side of the counter/cabinet range, cutting off access to about half the cabinet and counter space of a fairly small kitchen.

I planned to shove it across the floor and into the obviously much better open space across the room. Then I discovered it was attached by a thin copper tubing to the wall, the tubing running into a hole in the wall and disappearing.

I asked my fella, and he thought it was for condensation or something. I shrugged, and determined to ask the landlord if there was any way it could be moved, once we were a little more settled.

I just went to get a glass of water on this hot East Bay day, and had a small revelation. I think the copper tubing is how the refrigerator gets water for the ice cubes it so cleverly automatically makes for us without being asked.

I don't know where I thought the ice was coming from. Spontaneous generation? Teleport from the North Pole?

I've decided that for another four feet of countertop and cabinets I can reach into, I will go on freezing my own ice cubes in trays, if there's any way to disconnect the ice maker without damaging the fridge. The suburbs and their gadgets!

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Eliyahu said...

you may be able to reroute the copper water supply line, too. this is fairly inexpensive, flexible stuff. welcome to suburbia!