Tuesday, July 01, 2014

One dog. Woof!

The Baby Balabusta has a favorite book. It is Doggies, by Sandra Boynton.

Luckily we actually have two copies of this, one from Bubbe and Granddad, and one from a pen pal of the Fella's. It's lucky we have two copies, because the first copy we started with is utterly trashed from rereading and rereading and rereading.

And rereading.

"One dog. Woof!"

Those are the opening words, and the BB lights up whenever she hears them.

She's seventeen months now, and in the process of beginning to talk. Just recently, she began to bring the book to us to read and then saying "Woof!" herself. Sometimes she woofed for books that were not Doggies. We began to think that "Woof" was, to her, a verb meaning 'read this'.

Today, however, we were outside, at the park, and a man stopped nearby with his dog. "Woof!" she announced.

I think she's getting the idea.