Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sharon's Diet

Will people just stop going on about how we need to put Sharon on a diet? WORLD LEADERS are getting in on this.

Yes, Arik could stand to lose a few pounds, but come on! Cheney gasps and turns blue, and the world hardly bats an eye. On a regular basis he does this. Sharon has a tiny little heart attack, and the world goes nuts. Bush starts sending low-cal salad dressing recipes, like an Israeli doesn't know from salad.

Some points:

The man's 77 years old. He was born in 1928.

For a Jewish man of that generation and region, just getting to 77 is a little miracle by itself.

How many wars?

OK, maybe a medium-sized miracle.

He looks perfectly all right.

Can we stop trying to put Sharon on a diet? Leave it to his doctor. He's got work to do, and may need a doughnut to get through it.

Also, is this the best those nuts with the kabbalistic curse can do?

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Little Wolf said...

Ariel's weight is an issue only because of his stroke/heart attack what ever. He is topping 300 pounds, he does need to lose weight. (I am not over 300 pounds and I need to lose weight.)

On the other hand it is Chanukah, he should be eating at least a few donuts (jelly).