Saturday, December 17, 2005


I'm on vacation. This is very good.

Yesterday was a bit weird. The Caroliers were in the school lobby when I arrived. The Caroliers are the best and brightest of my school's music students, and there is a tradition that they stand in the lobby before school on the last day before winter break and play carols. The Balabusta stayed and applauded, and had mixed feelings. The kids are very good, and deserve praise, and the music was pretty. But, er...HAS NO ONE REALIZED THIS IS A DAMN PUBLIC SCHOOL, AND THAT WE CELEBRATE AND MARK NO OTHER HOLIDAY BUT THIS?

I swear. The school is at a least a third Asian, but we do nothing for the Lunar New Year. We have a decent-sized Mexican-American community, but do nothing for Mexican Independence, or Cinco de Mayo. We have a big Muslim population, but we didn't even bother to provide the kids a place to go besides the lunch room during Ramadan, even though one of my fellow teachers brought it up a bunch of times. We do NOTHING for Black History month. The Caroliers haven't even been taught that traditional sop to wintertime multiculturalism, 'O Hanukkah'.

But we have this lovely tradition of Christmas songs to see us off to break. And while the Balabusta mutters and snarls about this, the truth is, she's on BREAK.

Very nice. Can't stop smiling.

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