Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eliyahu's Flight Plan

Here's the issue: I learn today that Norm Mineta has signed an agreement with Santa Claus, making the North Pole an Open Skies partner of the U.S., freeing Santa from filing a detailed flight plan on his trip across American skies.

Now, I'm checking the list of Open Skies partners, and I do not see "Israel" or "Olam ha-Ba" listed anywhere, and I'm wondering about Eliyahu ha-Navi and his Pesach mission around the world. Would it be useful to Eliyahu to represent an Open Skies nation? Does Eliyahu fly? I've always assumed that he must, but perhaps this was due to too much Santa confusion when I was small.

People, let me know. Because it seems to me that, especially since JORDAN's got Open Skies status, it's really unfair--anti-Semitic even--to think of Eliyahu having to file a house-by-house flight plan. Although, granted, his stops are more clustered than Santa's--entire states where he only has to make a couple dozen stops--but still--should we start a petition or somethin'? Pesach is only a few months away.

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Eliyahu said...

i fly under the radar!