Monday, December 19, 2005

A Bracha on Your Panties

Some days the world just seems to be making a little too much sense. And then you see something like this. Thanks to DovBear and Mississippi Fred for mentioning this one.

Apparently, young single women are trekking to the grave of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel, who reportedly has great powers to find people spouses, and leaving their panties and bras behind.

According to Jewish tradition, anyone who is unmarried will meet their soul mate and marry within a year if they visit the final resting place of Rabbi Yenothan Ben Uziel in northern Israel.

But Rabbi Israel Deri, who is in charge of protecting holy sites in the north, has told the newspaper the women's prayers will go unanswered.

"Having consulted with the chief rabbis, I can say with certainty that not only are these women guilty of a profanity but they will also never gain benediction," he said.

I think Deri is overreaching. Clearly ben Uziel cared a great deal about finding matches for people. Clearly, these young women very much want to find matches for themselves.

Why they feel that donating their underthings to the late rabbi will hasten this is not clear to me, but heck, they could be throwing them at the Rolling Stones instead. The Balabusta herself once donated a pair of panties she was wearing to a lesbian performance artist she met at a women's arts conference, who needed them for a play she was putting on. (The Balabusta is too nervous to do well on stage, but thought her underwear should go instead.) Deri can't possibly know. I'm willing to bet there is no Gemara covering whether you can leave your unmentionables on the grave of a revered rabbi or not.

I think it is very much up to ben Uziel to determine if this is appropriate behavior that warrants his blessing or not. Neither Deri nor the chief rabbis get to decide for him.

I hope that these girls are back soon to drop off NURSING bras. You know, this would make a great scene in a novel...


debka_notion said...

I really, really want more info on that. Too bad the article was so short: I wanted interviews and such. BUt I guess it's hard to find people who will interview on such a topic, especially among people who think such a thing is worth trying...

Barefoot Jewess said...

Apart from the fact that the idea is just plain silly, it makes me think that some pervert introduced it, so he can steal the undies after nightfall.

I also find it so incredibly sad that women are that desperate that they will do anything for a match, including something so immodest. I smell desperation and not too much dignity. I wonder if the Rav would think that was worth blessing.

Honestly, this story makes me sick.