Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Running Barefoot Through Sephora

On the way back to El Cerrito from my therapist's office, I stopped in at the downtown Sephora in San Francisco and worked my way up and down the perfume aisle.

This is incredibly relaxing. It's no-threat shopping--I never buy perfume without a lot of careful consideration, so I won't be tempted to splurge--too much money, too much whatever. I arm myself with dozens of those little spray-on strips, and go on through. When asked by the salesladies if they can help me with anything, I say I'm playing.

(I do actually buy stuff at Sephora from time to time, so I'm not a complete and total nuisance to them.)

Notes from this run:

The Devil may wear Prada. The Devil probably makes other people wear Prada's perfume. Unpleasant.

Bulgari Rose Essentielle is really, really rose. This makes it excellent in my book. Maybe too romantic for day wear, but generally fabulous smelling.

24 Faubourg is ungodly expensive, but nice.

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune smells like the best orange in the world, although I think it's actually supposed to be grapefruit. I like citrus.

My actual perfume that I splash on every morning is Clinique's Happy. The current bottle is running low, and I'm considering a changeover to Happy To Be (I swear, I don't know who names these things), which is a bit more acrid, but still CITRUSY. Happy Heart is too sweet by me.

Vera Wang not too memorable, but nice. Attractive bottle. I really go for the bottles on these things.

My hands smell like a flower garden. Sometimes you miss the little strips.

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Mirty said...

Ahh. I love perfume! And Sephora, an irresistable store. Let the girls there give you a make-over sometime. It's actually fun, though the products are frighteningly expensive. (Just buy one thing, my approach.)

I used to wear Clinique "Happy". I tried Clinique "Wrapping" and had an awful allergic reaction.

A few years ago, I started wearing Ralph Laurence "Romance." It is a fairly strong,sensual scent. It was good to wear when I was single.

Now, I wear "Celine Dion" perfume. I don't even like her singing that much, but the perfume is perfect. Light, sophisticated, not too much.