Saturday, December 03, 2005

Arabic-speaking Parrots and Hang-Gliders

Totally random news from Israel--the Gaza zoo was robbed of a lion and two Arabic-speaking parrots.

When this was first read to me by a coworker, I heard it as 'Arabic-speaking parents', and was imagining people who'd brought their kids to the zoo being grabbed by the Kalashnikov-toting lion thieves, but apparently it is 'parrots'.

I wonder what the parrots can SAY in Arabic. Did they know too much?

Seriously, for some reason this annoyed me. It's a ZOO. People should not go around with Kalashnikovs stealing animals from the zoo. I realize it's Gaza, and much worse stuff than that is going on, but somehow this just seemed like an unnecessary piece of nastiness.

Unless it was Mossad, and the parrots were compromised agents. Do they also speak Hebrew?

See also the tale of the Very Lucky Hang-Glider who was saved from Hezbollah. If I was the mother of one of the soldiers involved I would have a real yearning to beat Mr. Wexler to death with his own glider. Yeeesh.

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