Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bird and Fish News

My mother brought the birds Christmas gifts--snacks and toys for the parakeet, and then snacks for the cockatiels as well, so they wouldn't feel left out. Everyone is having snacks for Chanukkah right now.

The friendlier one rode on my shoulder for a while this afternoon. The other one stayed on the cage, and they beeped back and forth at each other. "Chirp? Ya still okay over there?" "Chirp. Yeah, fine."

I have to change the water at least a couple times a day--they mess it up quickly. They're very happy to get fresh, and will swoop down on it and drink several sips to celebrate getting the new batch. This is new--the parakeet has actually been seen drinking maybe three or four times. And we have had him for years. Maybe he hydrates secretly in the dead of night.

Also in pet news, I went in to school today to clean my classroom and make plans, and also to feed the fish. The fish, thank God, were OK, the janitors feed them over break, but are on break themselves now. Luckily, these fish seem to need nothing much to survive just fine. I gave them some food, which they ignored, as usual. They don't pay attention to their food, I think it just all mushes into their little biosphere and when they feel like it, they eat something. The building was not too cold, which was my big fear. I put some more water in the tank.

Last night I dreamed they were dying because I'd left them without food, and someone had dripped paint in their tank. But then I also dreamed that someone had moved dozens of tanks of fish into my classroom. Stress dreams.

Tomorrow, I update my resume, and possible check out the YMCA.

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