Saturday, October 15, 2005

Question re the Cohen Gadol

While reading the service of the Cohen Gadol on Yontiff, I came up with this question. It says that he recited a passage from Bamidbar from memory, since it would be an imposition on the congregation to make them wait while he rolled the scroll back.

In the Temple, for the Cohen Gadol, on Yom Kippur they couldn't get another Torah scroll, pre-rolled to the correct place? Why not? There can't have been just one.


Anonymous said...

Why would they have more than one back then?

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

So they could hold multiple services. So students could learn from them. So one could be used by the sofer who was making a new one. Why would they NOT have more than one? My shul now has about five. When do we need more than two?

It's the Temple. They cut down half the cedars in Lebanon to build this place and sheathe half of it in gold, but only have one Torah scroll in the whole place?