Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pigs in the yard?

Okay, now I KNOW I'm in the 'burbs. The fella insists there were pigs in our (very small) front yard last night.

We've had cats and squirrels, but pigs are a new development.

He bases this on having heard gravel crunching, snorts, and squeals. I slept through it.

I can't imagine where even one pig, let alone more, might have come from, unless someone's pot-bellied Vietnamese minis got loose, or possibly wild boars roam down from the mountainside late at night.

Either way, it is very peculiar.


Anonymous said...

I've seen people walking pigs on leashes in Berkeley...

The Jewropean said...

If you actually get to touch them, don't forget to do netilas yadaim afterwards.

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

If they're feral, I don't think I should try.

Is netilas yadaim done for handling animals in general, or trayf critters in particular?

Anonymous said...

I've heard a squeeling sound from my Berkeley yard late at night, but I'm sure it wasn't pigs. I've seen both opossums and racoons, with babies, over the years, so I assume it was one of them.