Sunday, October 30, 2005

I got memed

I don't actually know precisely what a meme is, it seems to be a sort of activity where you do a post according to a set pattern, and then tag others to be it. Wishful But Stuck has tagged me with the 7 Meme. Here we go:

7 Things I Can Do:

Write a mystery novel.
Juggle up to seven phone lines successfully.
Read a Harry Potter novel in one sitting.
Beat the top score consistently on the old arcade 'Galaga' games.
Sew a fourteenth-century Gothic fitted gown.
Make some really good lentil soup.
Walk down a street reading a book without looking up.

7 Things I Can't Do:

Dance. (Don't tell me if you can walk...)
Sing. (Don't tell me if you can talk...)
Understand the rules of football. (The fella has tried.)
CARE about the rules of football.
Get all the parts of my house tidy at one time.
Make my hair behave.
Return books to the library on time.

7 Celebrity Crushes:

Bill Clinton (I am of the generation that imprinted like a baby duck)
Dule Hill (he plays Charlie on West Wing. It's not really a celebrity crush, I mean, he's beautiful, but he's an actor. I don't actually have a crush on Dule Hill, I have a crush on Charlie.)
Alyson Hannigan (or Willow, does it really matter?)
Camryn Manheim (It's the cleavage. And the attitude. And the cleavage. And the hair.)
Denzel Washington (do I really need to explain? No. I do not.)
Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Serenity. He played a psycho on Buffy, it was lovely to have him cast in a role one can letch after respectably.)
Romaine Bohringer (Lead actress from Mina Tannenbaum. One of the sexiest people I have ever seen on screen in my life.)
If there were more than seven slots I would probably throw Adrian Brody in there somewhere...and Keith Hamilton Cobb.)

7 Things I Find Attractive/Sexy:

Uhhhh...far too idiosyncratic and random to do a list of seven.

7 Things I Say Often: (Obviously to different people.)

"I am waiting for the class to be quiet."
"Hey babe."
"As a Jewish feminist I feel that..."
"What do you want for dinner?"
"It's too early in the morning for this."

7 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die:

Learn to drive/get a driver's license.
Raise a couple of well-balanced multicultural Jewish kids.
Publish a novel.
Buy a house.
See Israel. And Italy. And Spain. And...uh, okay, let's start there.
Learn another language properly, so I can watch movies in it and everything.
Stop biting my nails once and for all.

7 Bloggers I'd Like to Infect with This Meme:

I think most of the ones I know about have already been hit. Can I research this and come back later?


Y.Y. said...

i see you watched buffy
i watched that show too also angel the spinoff show
now on smallville they got spike in there as proffesor

The Jewropean said...

What's a multicultural Jew?

Ashkenazi/Sefardi? Ashkenazi/Ethiopian? Or something Jewish/something goyish?

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

I'm Irish-Ashkenazi, and my boyfriend is Irish-Scots-Cherokee-Creek-etc. so mostly the last.

However I also mean multicultural in the sense that I want my kids to be aware of the incredible range of Jewish cultures, and the fact that living in our present day and age we know more about each other than we've ever had a chance to before.

Also multicultural in the sense that you can negotiate multiple layers of cultures at once--conversant in the American mainstream, knowledgeable and comfortable in the Jewish world, both respectful and non-obsequious about cultures that are not yours.

Ya know--multicultural. I think this may be another post starting right here.