Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Etrog Vodka

Good Simchat Torah in the middle of a rotten week.

I went back to Netivot Shalom, and had a good time singing loudly and dancing badly. Drank a couple of shots of home-infused etrog vodka. Ran into some people I haven't seen in ages. Noted that we only seem to have about a dozen hakafah-suitable songs. Why aren't there more? We have been doing this for a while.

I have decided I feel a little sorry for Protestants. Not because they don't have a perfectly good religion, but just because they have to go to Burning Man to see a woman dancing with a Calistoga water bottle balanced on her head, wearing a purple glow necklace. I just have to go to my local shul.


Barefoot Jewess said...


My Simchat Torah was way more restrained (tho, fun). Yours sounded like a blast. I really love the parts of Judaism where we are almost commanded to colour outside the lines.

Anonymous said...

Home-infused etrog vodka! Wow, that's PERFECT for Simchas Torah. Was it made the year before?

Eliyahu said...

LOL! never associated burning man with simchat torah before. now how much etrog vodka did that take?

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

There were several different hand-labeled bottles of etrog-flavored alcohol. I assume most of it must have been started last year after the holiday. (Also some more regular bottles--whiskey, some wine, some mead, and that.)

It's an interesting flavor--faraway, somehow, not like any other citrus, and very lovely. Lights a fire in your chest.

cheating wife said...

That's awesome!

cheating wife

dancing davener said...

I was searching for etrog vodka recipes, and found this page. You know what's really weird? I am the woman who was dancing with the Calistoga bottle on my head. Would you like to come to my house for Shabbat dinner some Fri night? I could pick you up at N. Berkeley BART. If you recognize me at Netivot, come over and introduce yourself. I'm sometimes too preoccupied by my 2 kids meet people at kiddush.