Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween in the 'Burbs

I called the fella, and suggested getting him pizza. He's been obsessed for a while with Domino's Extremely Trayf Steak Lover's Special, or whatever it's called--a friend of mine returned from a year working in China with the term 'trafedik-o-rama' which applies to many of the fella's preferred foods--anyway:

I got paid today, so I called and suggested we go get him one. The burrito place I love (Gordo's, Gordo's, rah rah rah)is right next door.

But I got home, and Halloween is happening. I mean, it's happening all over the place. There are devils, and witches, and princesses, and ninjas, and furry creatures I don't know what they are, all roaming around, accompanied by assorted adults. And it becomes clear that we are not driving anywhere tonight.

If I had thought about this at all, I would have worried about drunks on the road, but the fella is perturbed by all the kids roaming hither and yon in dark outfits (although most of them wear those little sneakers with the flashing lights.)

The fella has also found the colander, and filled it with Hershey's miniatures and little Take Five's. We haven't got a jack-o-lantern, and the porch light turned not on, but he wants to be prepared. It turns out he also wants me to be in charge of distributing the goodies, because he is on line.

I think we've only had four knocks. The neighbors next door have glowing skeleton hands coming out of their lawn, and are clearly friendlier than we are.

Pizza on the way.

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