Sunday, October 09, 2005

Celery and Crock-Pot Fear

Why can't you buy a little bit of celery?

I always end up buying a whole thing of celery, and I never USE more than a couple of stalks in any given recipe. Say I make a pot of lentil soup and put in some celery, and then I make a chicken stew, and put in some celery. And the rest of the celery turns yellow, and gets thrown out. Then I buy another whole thing of celery. Can you freeze it? I can't imagine it would freeze well.

I guess I could pack celery sticks for lunch. But then you end up with celery strings in your teeth.

Also, while grocery shopping, I got a brisket. I plan to Crock-Pot it, with prunes and carrots. Then make soup (perhaps with some celery) from the leftovers.

What I need, is to get over my fear of leaving the Crock-Pot unattended during the day. I always assume it will set the house on fire. I realize this is not rational.


Anonymous said...

a) get a celery keeper. The tupperwear ones cost about $15. Put celery in it, and it will keep for about 3 months. Next best thing is to buy celery at Trader Joe's, where it comes in the resealable plastic bag. Keeps about a month that way.

b) We keep the crock pot on all day while we are gone, putting it on top of a tin 'counter saver' from the hardware store. Sort of a giant piece of insulation between the crock pot and the table...

Kai Jones said...

The Safeway where I shop sells individual ribs of celery.