Monday, August 22, 2005

Yes! The Hummingbirds are FEEDING!

We've had three come by at once, although only one has fed at a time. I assume they can get to the syrup, since they spend a fair amount of time there, lower their heads repeatedly to the holes, and don't seem to be getting annoyed with the feeder.

They're brown. I should see if I can figure out what exact species they are. The hummingbird site said Northern California gets one type all year round. It would be cool if these would stay for the winter.

I need to get a stronger cord for the feeder. It seems to hold up, but the plastic is stretching, and although I realize they can fly, I worry about it falling while they're trying to drink. I'll see what we have in the garage that might substitute.

All riiiiiiiight.

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Barefoot Jewess said...

Oh, I think that's exciting! They're G-d's little jewels, and endlessly fascinating to watch.

We used to feed them when I lived in LA. So much chittering and fighting. Neato! They are fearless. They get to depend on a site. I know this because a couple of times the feeder was empty and while I was sitting beneath it, a hummingbird dive bombed me several times, telling me to fill 'er up. It was amazing.

Just remember to keep it out of the sun (fermentation, which will make them sick/kill them) and to discard the remaining mixture every couple of weeks or so, and clean thoroughly.

Oh, if you can get photos, and posted them that would be really cool!