Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Daily Half-Dozen

1. I have a sore throat. Not feeling particularly chipper.

2. The fella's tires need replacing. The van's in Richmond right now.

3. This is nothing new, but George Galloway is being his usual self, on steroids. The image of Jerusalem and Baghdad as beautiful girls crying out for help from the Arab world would impress me more if I didn't think he'd stolen it from one of Saddam's novels.

4. The training I'm supposed to go to next week still has not sent me anything. No materials, no confirmation, no time I'm supposed to show up. The last communication indicated that I should go to a particular Catholic high school in San Francisco, but NOTHING else.

5. I have a new driving lesson scheduled for Monday after this coming one.

6. The recyclers took our recycling! It's GONE...well, what I could fit in the bins. The fella and I danced with joy. It seems like a sign...of what I could not tell you.

1 comment:

AbleVaybel said...

Go and get yourself some Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day lavender hand soap. I haven't used her other lavender products, but the soap is a day-brightener anytime. No promotion - just a fan. Let me know if you want it and can't find it in the E. Bay. It's common enough here in the Twin Cities, but maybe not out there.