Saturday, August 06, 2005

Maybe the World's Best Potato

There is a farmer's market Tuesday and Saturday mornings at El Cerrito Plaza. Tuesday we went, and on a whim I picked up some big baking style potatos from one of the organic produce booths.

The guy weighed them and said 'seven dollars', which came out to about a buck thirty per potato, but I gulped and paid, and reminded myself to ask the price BEFORE bagging the produce next time. I also wondered what it WAS with these potatoes. Grown in gold dust or something?

Last night I didn't go to my mom's for Shabbos because my ears STILL hurt, but I got into action cooking a nice little meal at home. We had grilled chicken in the fridge, so that, and green peas, some black olives for nibbles, and what else does the boyfriend want on the side?

"Corn. Corn. Corn? Corn! Corn. Corn." (He's imitating the seagulls from Finding Nemo, in case you were wondering.) Okay, corn, and anything else?

"How about a baked potato?"

That's an idea. I could put them in the microwave. Let's see if the million-dollar-spuds are any good. I mean if they, are, I oughta use them for Shabbos anyway, right?

I baked two of them, and I have to report, they may be the best potato I've ever eaten. The boyfriend not so impressed, but he basically sees vegetables as staging grounds for margarine and salt anyway. The potatoes cooked to an even mealy consistency (this in the microwave, mind), with slightly crispy jackets and smooth, crumbly white interiors. I regretted not having sour cream, (the chicken), but with margarine they were simply superb. Gonna try one with sour cream tomorrow, maybe.

I don't know if I can really justify buying these things again, but they're really, really, good potatoes.


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Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

And this is Heshy.

This has nothing to do with the possible world's-best potato.

I don't think. Heshy cooks Shabbos dinners, but I don't think he's an organic potato farmer.

Eliyahu said...

Heshy just got the address wrong for "Find out totally new stuff at..." It should be