Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today I got back to basics: setting myself specific goals to get me out of my rut of not-getting-stuff-done.

So I cleaned the living room. I got into one of those zones where you just do a teeny bit at a time and accept that it's going to take all day, so I stopped myself and told myself I had an hour. I cleared off the little coffee table, and windexed the top of it. The floor is all picked up, except for a couple of boxes and the tops of the bookshelves. The dining room table (it's in the living room) gleams. The floorboards shine. I swiffered. It looks lovely. I had to stop myself from trying to interrupt progress by trying to do other rooms. The boyfriend was impressed. He's now settled down in the middle of gleaming, wrapped in a blanket and coughing.

Now, lunch. Then I'm going to run an errand.

Oh, and while putting lunch on the stove, I swiped a stain on the kitchen floor, and discovered in the process that what I thought was a scratch in the linoleum from moving the fridge is actually just a scrape mark of gunk. Comes off. Doesn't come RIGHT off, but comes off. I managed about half of it, will need stronger cleaner for the rest.

My work sent me a back-to-school letter. Should I be offended that my name wasn't mentioned in the list of teachers who did continuing education over the summer?

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