Monday, August 01, 2005

The Parakeet is Out

(This is not the parakeet, this is a stock photo. But the parakeet is also green.)

Our parakeet is another inheritance from the machetenim, and had spent his whole life in the old house, except for a few months in a pet store as a baby. The boyfriend drove him over in the van early on in the moving process, and we put his cage by the windows in the front room.

It must be strange for him. He's not used to so much light, and through the windows he can see all sorts of new things. I kept the cage shut until late last week when I opened it to see what he would do.

What he did was stay inside. I worried he would never come out again, but figured he might just need some time to work up the nerve.

Anyway, this evening he decided to get out and explore. He flew around the room several times, landed on various surfaces, sat on the boyfriend's finger, and eventually managed to get back to the top of his cage, where he is sitting and talking about the whole thing loudly.

I guess we're settled in.

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Eliyahu said...

if it wouldn't be parroting a phrase, i'd like to say, "your blog is always interesting."