Wednesday, October 22, 2008


As everyone now seems to know, the RNC has handed over a chunk of change to the tune of $150,000 to keep VP candidate Sarah Palin dressed on the campaign trail. Hysterics have ensued.

Now, Governor Palin makes me want to cry, and eat huge amounts of ice cream, and punch walls, and vote for Barack Obama, so I am usually the last person in the world to run around defending her, except that according to AOL's Stylelist blog, this is also money for the family's clothes, plus beauty, makeup, etc.

It's not that crazy. With four kids on the campaign trail with her, plus Todd, let's think about this. They're living in hotels, travelling, making umpteen appearances a day. Hair, makeup, and if Trig spits up on his cute onesie, he's got to have another one ASAP. He can't sit on the stage in his diaper while someone runs the wash. And where McCain can wear the same three suits to all his meetings, a woman can't really do that at this level of politics. Unfair, yes, but there it is. And trust me, if you knew what Cindy McCain pays for those odd outfits she favors, your teeth would explode. (I know. It's her own money. She can do what she likes with it. Just saying.)

Stylelist does make a bit of a point when they comment on the 'elitist' stores Palin has been shopping at, like Saks and Neiman Marcus. Sure, they could have done pretty well much cheaper, and looked a little more authentically of the people--I don't think Joe the Plumber's ex-wife buys her shoes at Neiman Marcus--but hell, $150,000 is not that much as campaign money goes, and since I do not derive my self-worth as an American from putting down people who buy a different brand of shoes than I do, I am OK with Sarah going bananas at Saks. Whatever.

Actually, I'm just irked because Stylelist posted this picture of Piper, my favorite Palin (Trig is a close second), holding this purse, and said it was 'obnoxious'. Apparently that's $750 of Vuitton. To which I say, look, either it's a cheap knockoff she likes because it fits her Barbies, or she's carrying her mother's bag. Either way.

Personally, I prefer the Claire McCaskill look, where you can tell that she's wearing something that was on sale at the Kansas City Macy's, but that may just be me. Or Missouri.

I have major problems with Governor Palin, but her Ferragamo pumps do not come into it. Wear them back to Alaska in good health, Sarah.

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