Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Lights Went Out Last Night

So I'm sitting peacefully, watching my Shabbos candles burn down, and catching a late episode of House, and it begins to rain--first rain of the season, very nice--and then around midnight every light in the apartment building goes out.

The fella and I found each other by the light of my laptop, which has a battery, of course, and sat in the electronic glow for a while and talked. I woke up at dawn. The power was still out. I went back to sleep, and was wakened once by the sound of the rotary dial phone I saved from the old house for emergencies (it works if plugged in to the phone line, and does not need electricity), and then I went back to sleep and it was TWO THIRTY in the afternoon before I woke up for good.

The power was back on by then.

I'm trying to decide how much affected the chicken in the stand-up freezer is likely to be, and resetting all the clocks, except for the one in the bathroom, which runs on batteries.

We used to lose power a lot at the old house in SF, but there we were on the top of a rise overlooking the ocean, and every time the weather played up, the wind would smash the overhead lines around. Here, I have no idea.

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