Sunday, October 12, 2008


I did a lot of laundry today.

I swear, I think some of it did not belong to me or the fella. I think that other people are sending their clothes through a time-space continuum flaw to land in my laundry baskets. I wish that they would send quarters too, if I am going to be serving as a wash-and-fold for people in Omaha or someplace.

Manager Sarah has two units open and asked if by any chance I knew any other 'nice young couples' like myself and the fella, with no little children, who might want them.

Not really.

The fella is job hunting. If you can tack a wish for his parnosseh onto your tehillim, or white light or whatever, it would be greatly appreciated, or we may find that we ourselves are not able to stay in our unit, nice young couple though we are.

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Anonymous said...

You've got it :)