Friday, October 31, 2008

Godwin's Law in Action

I have to confess, I am getting kind of worried about some of my friends over at LGF. The odds seem very good that Obama will, uh, win the election, and the LGFers' heads are starting to explode.

I can tell the LGFers are in the final stages of their pre-election nuttiness because they are Godwining out at an unprecedented rate.

For those of you unfamiliar with the phenomenon, Godwin's Law is a bit of internet wisdom that states that the longer an argument continues, the more closely the odds that one debater will reference Adolf Hitler or the Nazi party approach one. In many internet circles I've traveled, there is a practical addendum to Godwin's Law that states that the one who 'Godwins' first loses the argument and the discussion is over at that point. I in fact once saw someone head off an argument on a listserve by announcing "I'm self-Godwining. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. Argument ended." (The discussion had to do with Linux, by the by.) (I do not know who Godwin was.) The LGF denizens are Godwining big-time, having apparently decided that the brownshirts are coming for them the day after Obama is inaugurated.

Bless them, they're going to protect the Constitution against Barack Obama and his Civilian Defense Force, and they're going to see to it that he doesn't stay in power forever by fiat the way he clearly plans to. I've been talking, of course, for years, to leftier types who believed Bush would do the same. As far as I can tell, Mr. Bush is packing. Why are we developing such a low opinion of our own ability to change administrations? We've done it dozens of times without so much as a punch thrown.

I am sort of worried about the LGFers. They seem very nervous, and this can't be good for them. I've watched Republicans win elections and felt grumpy, or angry, or grim, but I've never thought a Republican government was going to COME AND GET ME.

Oddly, (since this is all getting into my head as well), I had a weird, very detailed dream last night, where it was hundreds of years in the future, and the U.S. now had three dominant parties, but you could only run for national government if you were part of an elite class of people descended from the second set of Founding Fathers (2200 era). I was in the Senate, and was trying to get a bill passed so commoners could get into Congress again, like in the old days. Oh, and the president was my cousin (a fictional cousin, not any of my real cousins, thank God, because he was kind of a dork) and his secret service code name was, I am not kidding, 'Dried Eagle'. Don't ask me why. PLEASE. My subconscious is apparently on overdrive right now. Oh, also, we were out of fossil fuels. This, I suspect, will come to pass before the rest of it.

It was extremely weird, although maybe a good plot for a science fiction series. But the point is, I know it's a fantasy. I hope the LGFers do OK with the election. Transitions seem to be hard for them.

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