Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Caterer Says

Well, the caterer says that I should give up on my thoughts of possibly moving the chuppah out into the courtyard of the shul, since she's done six weddings (four Russian, two Anglophone) there, and it's a wind tunnel.

The caterer likes Rabbi Bruriah, and approves of my plans for the alcohol (two cases of two-buck Chuck, champagne for toasts, a bottle of Scotch for the men over fifty).

The caterer says that I should source the cake myself, that we can have a delicious poached salmon and nice roast beef sandwiches, and that the lima bean hummus is to die for.

The caterer also says that I should be prepared to start carrying my cell phone with me at all times as the date of the wedding draws nigh.

I met the caterer for coffee today. (Just in case you couldn't tell.) It went well.

In other news, I am still wedding dress hunting, and job hunting. Have just received my weirdest response to a resume, the principal writing back and asking if I was aware that today's paper shows that the route from my house to his school is the worst commute in the region.

The caterer says I don't need this kind of tsuris.

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Anonymous said...

The caterer says that I should source the cake myself...

Katrina Roselle on college Ave makes amazing wedding cakes.

Massas on Shattuck is also pretty spectacular.