Sunday, June 04, 2006

Two Weeks to Go

This was a horrible week at work. Kids are completely, hideously, out of control. I suspended two from my classes on Friday. They won't do any work, they run in screaming for me to punish small wrongs they've done each other, and it lasts all day.

Wednesday I went to another interview for the job I really want. Will hear the middle of next week.

Thursday night was the memorial gathering for my friend's husband. She had put up his paintings, and hundreds of those origami cranes. It was beautiful. The fella and I got to see her sister, who is also a friend, and is expecting--she's looking lovely. It was all pretty, and very sad. And we got home quite late.

Yesterday I had, in an unfortunate moment of helium hand, offered to help break down the school museum. We had a ton of help, though, and the PTA bought me a slushy. Not too bad.

I'm going nuts right now. It's only two weeks to go, and a lot of the last week is half days and picnics and the like. But it seems like FOREVER. I'm sleeping a lot. I'm not sure if this is the effect of the Paxil, or if it's just that I'm depressed, and no amount of Paxil is going to drown out the effects of that. Pretty bad, though. Friday night I lay down at 9 PM. Got up at seven or so. Came home from the break-down, and lay down for a nap at 2, got up at EIGHT that evening. (The fella reports that he just came in from time to time, checked that I was still breathing, and let me be.) Got up, had dinner, watched some TV with the fella, and then decided around eleven thirty that I was tired and would go to bed. Got up this morning at seven-thirty.

I'm trying to take everything slow and easy. It's hot now--that's not helping--and I'm late with some paperwork--not helping--and I don't know if I'm actually going to be able to clear my credential--not helping. But I'm going to get through, and get my money for the summer, and then we'll see.

Maybe I should go to law school. You think? If I became a public defender, I'd probably run into a bunch of my current kids a few years down the road.


Eliyahu said...

i bless you that your dreams show you the path to your life's purpose. if that should be through the public defender's office, i bless you to take great notes for your book!

Amishav said...

I'm finishing school up right now and some of the kids are doing everything that they can to end the year on a negative and hostile note. Only a couple of the ones that I teach, but schoolwide...its a problem.

As for the medication- I hope that sleepiness isn't a long term side effect and you will get over it once you adjust to taking it.