Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Plumber of Valor

...Let's just say that his price is above rubies, at least the kind of rubies you can get on the Home Shopping Network. But I don't really care. He came, he dismantled the tangle of pipes under the sink, and he pried out the impacted vegetable matter. Both sinks now drain. I'm going to COOK tonight!

We called Roto-Rooter, at the end. It was a bit tricky, due to our duelling neuroses--I am afraid of landlords, and the fella is unwilling to talk to people. Finally, Monday, I forced the fella to call the landlord and leave a message on his machine, asking if he could recommend a plumber. By this morning we had heard nothing. So I called Roto-Rooter. I'm sure they're more expensive than a lot of local people, but I don't know who the local people are.

San Francisco was so easy--I just called my father, and he recommended someone.


Eliyahu said...

thank g_d you'll be able to use the fireworks for their intended purpose!

Viola Cesario said...

That is a wonderful title to the post.