Sunday, June 11, 2006


Note: the self-applied title of 'Balabusta' is sometimes highly ironic.

This is the story of my sink:

When we moved in a year ago, I noted that we had one of those small two-basin kitchen sinks. I also noted that water did not appear to go down one of them, and in my usual goopy manner I wondered slightly over this before installing the draining rack over it.

Yesterday, I got seized with a sink-cleaning urge, and took the draining rack off. I began to try and clean the gunky 'drain'. Since my scrubby was not working very well, I went and got some Q-tips.

The Q-tips, I found, pushed straight through a solid layer of gunk in the drain, which had apparently been there for at least a little longer than a year. Much fascinated probing, a lot of baking soda, and two pots of hot water later, I had a draining sink. In celebration, I put the draining rack on the counter.

Then I tried to put a bunch of potato peels down the garbage disposal, and backed up the In-Sink-Erator. No one is perfect.

I have probed the In-Sink-Erator's depths with both salad tongs and my hand, and bought, at my mother's suggestion, an Allen wrench, and tried with that. No go. It just backs up more dirty water into the sink.

We may have to call a plumber tomorrow.


elf said...

Have you tried any Draino-type products?

Eliyahu said...

does the disposal turn when you flip the switch? if it does not come on, there is usually a reset button on its underside.
the allen wrench was to hand-turn the disposal from underneath, right? a wooden spoon handle or similar, relatively short and sturdy, can be used to put into the dispoal (not running) and turn it by hand. it should move freely. if it does grind, you can try feeding it ice cubes slowly, with very little water, and sometimes this will clear the clogs.

Balabusta in Blue Jeans said...

Elf: Currently we're trying Draino. I will report further!

Eliyahu: The disposal seems to be turning freely, leading me to suspect there's a clog farther on in one of the pipes. If the Draino doesn't work, I think it's time to call a plumber.

Eliyahu said...

if fireworks are legal in your area...maybe you can blast the offending clog on down the drain. if not, see if it will grind ice cubes. if so, you'll need a big quantity, slowly fed into the grinder with a little cold water...enough to help push the ice down the drain. don't overload the grinder. if that won't do it, sometimes you can unscrew the trap and clean it out. or the plumber. blessings for good drainage.

Eliyahu said...

vdvdisclaimer: (as if you did't know) i'm not a authentic plumber, with a license and all that.

Anonymous said...

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