Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Daughter of the King

All right. Tell me this is not funny. I'll post the picture and links later, when I get to a computer that will let me.

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has a gift shop that the Balabusta occasionally browses and drools over. Some of their stuff is either replicas of artifacts in the collection, or adaptations of them.

One collection object which appears in a number of forms in the shop, as necklace, earrings, bracelet, letter opener, etc. is a small seal from the period of the kings. It features a lyre, and is inscribed for "Ma'adana the king's daughter".

Think about it. "Ma'adana". Say it quickly. A lyre. A musical instrument, representing this woman, Ma'adana. The daughter of the king. Perhaps a secular title, but perhaps also a mystical one. Ma'adana, the musical mystic.

People, do you realize the spiritual importance of this? Madonna is not just an annoying celebrity kabbalist. She's a reincarnated Judean princess annoying celebrity kabbalist. And this is just the past life I've been able to track down. How many times have we been through this already, people? HOW MANY?

Isn't there some ceremony featuring black candles and a shofar that could put a stop to this? I'd chip in for the chickens.

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Eliyahu said...

too funny! any idea as to what outstanding role you are playing in this ages old drama? i did note that princess esther, on tour in arizona, requested that the sports stadium air conditioning be set to 80 degrees F. for her concert. (outside = 100+) either she's doing her bit to help reduce energy usage and global warming, or she hasn't adapted to AC in this life.