Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sweat and Tears

Last full day of packing before we get the U-Haul.

Getting the keys at 5 PM. Getting them from the gal who realtored the house. Need to give her a check for the last $500 that wasn't mentioned as part of the deposit till we went to sign. GRRRRR.

Hauling out stuff I did not know we had to the dumpster. Junk that defies description. If anyone wants to know why the Third World is so low on stuff, it's because all the spare stuff in the universe has been being stored at my house. Yellowed Christmas wrap.

Next-door neighbor comes over to talk. Comments that my machetenim (who had the house last), used to have a lot of yard sales. Discusses how my fella's mother is quite a craftswoman. (Leftover craft stuff lines the bottom of the dumpster now.)

I am shvitzing like an aardvark in heat. I can feel sweat trickling down my legs into my Uggs. I do not want to be discussing the charming means by which some of this stuff got into my house. Must get rid of it. Must get rid of it. I have to be polite to the neighbor. I have to take a shower. I have to throw out all this stuff that should have gone to Burundi, and took a wrong turn somewhere.

Also, the boyfriend is allergic to all the dust we are raising and is currently packing clothes and sniffling a lot. Also, occasionally, sneezing loud enough to be heard in Burundi. He's now asking to go to Goodwill, so he can get outside and be in a less allergenic environment for a while.

The new place has hardwood floors.

Gotta go.

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