Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some Stuff I Got Rid Of Today (Partial List)

To Goodwill:
a roasting pan
some kind of grill or something, I think
six decorative Christmas nutcrackers
more books
a George Foreman Lean Green Fat-Busting Grilling Machine. Or something. You know. One of those.
a bread machine

To dumpster:
scraps of fabric
old plastic shelving
plaster molds for magnets? I think that's what they are.
ancient pillowcases
trash, trash, trash
odd pieces of glass
more fabric
shoes, so old and smelly that it defied belief
a pair of crutches
odd pieces of Tupperware
a devil costume, complete with red plastic pitchfork
a paper cutter
a broken hatrack

Future unclear:
gumball machine
beveled pieces of glass (I don't know what they're from)
the folding wheelchair


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