Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pizza Cutter

For the past three or four days, each time I pack up a little more of the kitchen, I see the pizza cutter, and think--hey, I should pack the pizza cutter. Why would I need a pizza cutter in the next couple of weeks? And always, I realize at the last minute that maybe I shouldn't pack the pizza cutter. I wash it and put it back in the drawer.

Currently feeding the boyfriend his pizza (my pizza, without the treyf bits, will be heated up later when I feel like it), and once again, needed
the pizza cutter. I would never have figured that a pizza cutter would turn out to be the most essential tool in my kitchen. I lived for twenty-eight years without one. I had a happy life. (Comments the boyfriend: "Did you really have a happy life, or did you just think you did because you had never had a pizza cutter before?")

My blog has a reader!
Eliyahu found me through a comment I threw out on DovBear's site. HI! (This whole blog thing is kind of fun.)

And I think I may get another dumpster next week. Seriously. I need to get rid of as much STUFF as possible. And I get paid on Thursday.


Eliyahu said...

i always been able to get rid of tons of stuff by just putting it out on the curb...don't know if that works were you are...

DovBear said...