Sunday, June 19, 2005

In S.F. With the Ants

I should explain a little about what the house I'm in currently looks like and why.

I want to be a balabusta because I have no natural talent for it. I am the very opposite of what Flylady calls B.O. (Born Organized). And I just finished a long and stressful period of work which left me basically unable to think about anything but work.

I live with a lovely man who is similarly cleaning-challenged, and perhaps due to his gender, less embarassed about it than I. The house is a MESS.

Anyway, in addition to being behind with the dishes, and the laundry, and the picking stuff up in the living room, we've been struggling with ants for months now, (years, really, but it was going okay for while), and currently, the ants seem to be winning. I am starting to lose my guilt about killing them, as I become concerned that left to their own devices they might actually carry the whole kitchen off.

Simple Green, sprayed directly on the marching line of ants, seems to work quickly. I oppose chemical warfare, but I also oppose the ants, and unlike a single big bug or spider, they can hardly be trapped under a glass and removed to the back yard.

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