Thursday, June 23, 2005

The dumpster is full

I mean, it's FULL. Granted, it's only about four cubic yards, but we filled that sucker up. And we have the trash guys coming to get the couch and extra bed on Tuesdays.

I'm starting to get the hysterical moving feeling. You know that feeling? It's the sensation that comes over you when you have to be out of your dorm room by noon, and there's just no WAY you're going to get everything out by then. I'm having it now. I have to get all this STUFF out of the house.

I may get another dumpster next week. We have at least two nonfunctioning TVs in here. We have various old folding tables.

This is not being helped by the fact that the boyfriend and I are on radically different sleep cycles right now. Also, my body has gotten the idea that we're on vacation, and keeps trying to pass out at odd moments and sleep for hours.

Millions of people move every day, right? And few of them actually go crazy in the process.

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