Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're having a heat wave

In mid-November. Feels like summer. Yech.

In better news, I've been skating around the kitchen floor barefooted on a wet terrycloth hand towel, and the floor looks better, and I feel cooler.

Yesterday, the beloved husband managed to knock a small bottle of Tabasco sauce down the kitchen sink drain while the garbage disposal was on. The bottle was shattered, and the disposal stopped working. The BH attempted to get the pieces out, but because he has big wide hands he had little luck, and also started to get cut up by the glass. Then I came home from work--and the first words he uttered as he came bounding toward me were "I love your little hands!"

I retrieved the rest of the glass, and suffered no injury except for one little nick. The disposal is now disposing of garbage. Yay us.

The BH and I are now trying hard to put all of our dishes in the dishwasher as soon as we use them, and run it nightly. We have done well this week, so rather than trying to get all the dishes we used in a week done over the weekend, he is sleeping and I am blogging--much more Shabbosdik than we usually get around here. I used some of the frantic dishwashing time today to tidy up the rest of the kitchen, and, as I said, glide around on the floor.

This is happy, but also frustrating, since I invariably remember that the Woman I Want To Be would not even THINK about keeping her kitchen presentable, it would just happen naturally.

The Woman I Want To Be would also not have worked herself into a position where she has to teach The Scarlet Letter in three weeks. And she would not have felt like a dimwit when her supervisor dropped in to watch her teach on Friday.

Thank God the kids were fairly well behaved. We discussed "The Cask of Amontillado". My progress report grades are due Monday. Oh. Aaaargh.

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