Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so sick of this

Apparently, according to Michelle Malkin, and some other similarly self-righteous buffoons, violent gay mobs have been driving Christians out of the Castro. The gay folks tell it a little differerently.

Folks should be ashamed of themselves for behaving badly, and giving these martyr wannabes a thrill.

But I'm gonna be real blunt. This group of Christians--and God knows I use the term loosely here--were not walking down the street minding their own business when this went down. These were people there to actively harass and hassle--forgive me--MINISTER TO--the gay folks of the Castro district. Technically speaking, they have the right to do this. Morally speaking, it's contemptible. They went to hassle the gays, and this time they got some hassle back. Maybe this will teach them caution, if not kindness.

I am GODDAMN sick of soi-disant Christian groups thinking the Castro is some kind of playground for them to practice casting out demons in. The groups that used to come to stay in the city from out of state during Halloween and pray from their effing hotel rooms. The people who come in from out of town for Pride, or even, God help us, the AIDS Walk to preach and scream from the sidelines. You have no demons in your own towns, people? The Lord couldn't find any work for you closer to home?

You know what REAL Christians and people of all faiths do in the Castro? They tend the sick, and help the poor pay their bills. They volunteer to teach a child to read and do multiplication. They start a community garden. They help women get breast exams. They do not invade a community already raw with disappointment and offer to help straighten them out. Some of the best Christians I have ever met spent the first horrible wave of the AIDS epidemic holding the hands of the dying in the Castro. They blessed the world with their presence. They never went looking for a fight.

Tell me. Would Christ be there, or would he be with the group of self-satisfied bozos preaching conversion to straightness--or as they tell it, just hanging out in a strange neighborhood on the sidewalk singing "Amazing Grace" to sinners?

I have heard too many times from too many chuckling fools what would happen to those folks from the Castro in some other neighborhoods in this great nation. I've known too many people caught out gay in the wrong neighborhood, not preaching, just trying to slide through. Do NOT, Michelle and company, DARE come crying to me about this. If you wanna come be a Christian in the Castro, there are a lot of volunteer jobs, and some lovely churches with active faith communities. If you want to be a hateful fool, stay online and spew your venom at Michelle's website. This is the kind of narrishkeit that's only gone on so long because gay folks are some of the most patient, tolerant people on the face of God's earth. One day they slipped.

Go cast out your own damn demons, and then come back to my hometown to poke sticks through the bars. The surge of homophobia raging through the right-wing web in the wake of Prop 8 passing has left me with no patience at all for this kind of whiny wannabe-victimhood.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm proud of my City. A group of ignorant holy roller yahoos comes to a neighborhood and publicly insults the residents. Our cops (some of whom are surely gay) come in and protect their 1st Amendment rights with pride and professionalism. No injuries, no arrests. GO SFPD! ~ Mr. Bluejeans

wbs said...

I hope you posted that 5th paragraph at her site. I had never heard of Michelle Malkin until that Rachael Ray so-called khaffiyah incident, craziness.