Friday, November 14, 2008

The Weekly Dozen--Same-sex Marriage Edition

1. OK people, let's get real. There are not enough black voters in California to blame Prop 8's passage on. I only wish, since black voters in California are Californians, voting their convictions, as opposed to, say, OUT OF STATE GROUPS WITH MONEY AND AN let us PLEASE not buy the ancient race-wedge-driving crud when it comes around one more time. This is not the fault of the black Californians. This is just the fault of the Californians. AND THE OUT OF STATE GROUPS WITH MONEY AND AN AGENDA.

2. OK people, let's get real. California is not on fire, although to read Michelle Malkin's site, you might believe it so. I live right here in the dark blue rainbow-lit heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, and basically, people are grumpy. Not a single car has been set alight, nor have protesters taken over the El Cerrito City Hall. I would know. It's a couple blocks away from us.


4. Must contact Mirele and Keyle and see if the renewal of vows is still on.

5. The uncle of one of my students managed to marry his young man on Monday the 3rd, a day before the vote. Religious ceremony and family gathering to follow--but they got the license.

6. Another student's uncle was going to get married to HIS young man--she was excited because she got to wear heels and have her hair done professionally (and do a scripture reading, but that's less important to a fourteen-year-old girl). No word there--she isn't in my class, and I can't remember which kid it was.

7. What has 52% of California voters got against caterers?

8. Florists?

9. String quartets?

10. This will happen, you know, and sooner, rather than later.

11. Because this is who Americans are, we believe in freedom, you know, to marry whom you love, and say what you like, and believe in one god or twenty as you please.

12. Oh, and Chava is getting married again! To a man, so this doesn't entirely tie in, but a wedding is a wedding. Unfortunately, I've realized that THIS wedding is taking place on Rosh Hashanah. Dang.

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