Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank you, Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Thank you, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, for your incredibly insightful insight.

Asked on Politico: "Recognizing that we don't know who perpetrated the terrorism in Mumbai, what are its possible implications for the U.S. and for counter-terrorism generally? Are we vigilant? Are we prepared?", Ms. Kanter answered:

"Just as 911 deepened a recession already underway in 2001 and brought air travel to a standstill, this will further shut down or slow down international travel and development of business opportunities that create jobs. Plus, the Jewish hostage murders will harden attitudes on the right in Israel. "

Italics, BTW, are entirely mine.

I may scream. But you know, she's right. Right-wing Israelis were probably developing a more relaxed attitude about international terror attacks until this happened. And NOW, their attitudes are going to harden all over the place, and, um, this will have terrible ramifications somehow, I'm sure.

It's like putting down a giant terror attack in front of an ant. The ant will wave its antennae, and dither, and then carefully make its way around the giant terror attack and return once again to its sugarcube. Bashing Israel is the sugarcube. The sugarcube is the POINT. The huge exploding thing is just in the way. Must go around it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please...Rosabeth Moss Kanter is the master of the obvious. If any half-thinking person sat down and ruminated for about 5 mins. they'd be able to string these same thoughts together. No insight here- as usual coming from her blah blah blogs.