Saturday, May 17, 2008

Zen and the Art of Employee Management

One of my colleagues, who will not be returning to George C. Moonbat next year, had a conversation with our mutual bosses. Apparently they returned incessantly to the topic of her not making her phone calls.

It has been decreed that those of us who have homerooms must call ALL homeroom parents, EVERY week, to update them on their kids' progress. This has then led to an obsession with how I and Gittel haven't done our calls. This is more important than anything, anything at all.

I am full time, which is one thing, but Gittel is part-time, and is only being paid for twenty-five hours a week, no bennies, which, given that she teaches three sections, plus a homeroom, is not very much time to also make calls. Plus, they keep her late for meetings, want her to come in on weekends to lesson plan--you get the picture.

So, Gittel pointed that out, and Heckle and Jeckle pointed out that they had said at the beginning of the year that people would be working extra unpaid hours. Gittel said that she was aware of that, but that the time constraints did make it difficult to accomplish all the dreck they had added on, and that was piling up and making it hard for her to do other things.

"Did they show any sign that they understood that?" I asked, hearing about this conversation, and Gittel shook her head.

So Heckle and Jeckle then returned to a topic that has interested them for some time, the idea that, since she is not doing 'the job' (the job being defined as any damn thing H & J decide they want to have happen), they should dock her pay.

Gittel said that that was fine, but if they docked her pay, she should really insist that they pay for the unpaid hours she'd worked.

And so the conversation ended.

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