Friday, May 30, 2008

Funny you should ask that...

In the comments to my previous post, WBS asks the highly relevent question, "Is there a lot of turn over there (Moonbat High), in general?)

;) Funny you should ask that, WBS--I started to respond in the comment thread, but decided this needed its own post.

We started the year with a team of four full-time teachers. Me, Jeckle, X and Y. Five weeks into the year, X left. Told our students that she was the only teacher who'd ever cared about them, and vanished, citing the need to be at home for her own kids.

At the beginning of November, Jeckle, the ed director, had a small nervous breakdown from the stress, and was forced to stop teaching for the rest of the semester. He is back now, however, and firing me.

Then Y developed intense personality conflicts with Heckle and Jeckle and left, right before Christmas, after a screaming fight with H&J.

While Jeckle was out, we had another math teacher for a while, let's call him Z. Z was suspected of saying inappropriate things to the kids, and was pushed out after the semester break when Jeckle pulled himself from his deathbed to come back to the classroom.

We lost first Bilhah, and then Zilpah, who both taught dance, first semester, but they were part-timers. Bilhah just couldn't deal with the kids--to be fair, who could (they were nightmares in dance class)--and I don't remember what happened to Zilpah, she just sort of wandered away.

We had an art teacher and a drama teacher--let's call them A and B--first semester. A went to grad school in New York at the semester, and B, a good friend of Y's, decided to pursue other interests.

Yehoshua, good buddy of Shmuel the Drummer did student government for a while, but his girlfriend moved back East, and he followed her, plus he got a sort of cool job there.

(Is everyone following this? There will a quiz Monday.)

Gittel, who began the year teaching a sort of middos-for-girls class a few hours a week, was begged to take over X's classes, and did so. She performed a full-time teacher's job for part-time salary for the rest of the year, while H&J bashed her performance at every turn. She is now leaving, to start up a sand candle shop. She recently spent the night of her son's thirteenth birthday at a staff meeting that ran from seven to ten at night. (I was there too, but at least my kid was not becoming a bar mitzvah over frozen pizza.)

Relaxed Dude, the one who took over half my students so no child would fail, is not returning. Rumor has it that the phrase 'Gestapo tactics' was used when he was asked why. (To be fair, this is the man who had his supervisors read his diary.)

Assuming that EVERYONE that I do not know for sure to be leaving is coming back, that makes:

Jeckle (math) (1 year at Moonbat)
Dr. Kalonymos (art and student government) (1 semester at Moonbat)
Sra. Abulafia (Spanish) (1 semester, part time)
Ms. da Costa (dance and drama) (1 semester)
Tante M. (science) (all year, but only twice a week for one class at the end of the day, she has a full-time job elsewhere, and may not want to bother next year)
Yehuda the Special Ed Dude (special ed) (all year part time, and maybe full time next year)
Shmuel the Drummer (middos for boys) (all year, part time)
Hulda the Gym Lady (study hall and PE) (one semester)

Yeah, that sounds like a solid core of staff to begin Year 2 with. Oh. My. Word.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I only have one word for what your school sounds like...


Is there somewhere on your site that explains the start up that you're in? In general I believe in small schools and new ways of approaching education. I'm part of a brand new school next year and am quite excited.

BBJ said...

Oh, and I forgot to add that there is someone else teaching there part time--Jeckle's wife. I apologize for the omission.