Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Kids Have The Bomb

And to think I was worrying about North Korea and Iran!

For the past couple of weeks we have been consumed with worry about the sprouting gang-affiliation tensions developing at George C. Moonbat, and as a result of our worries about tribal squabbling, we entirely missed the sinister activities taking place below the radar.

The wake-up call happened on Tuesday, when a small chemical-reaction bomb made with Lysol toilet cleaner, a plastic bottle, and some aluminum foil detonated out back of one of the freestanding classrooms. It made a splendid noise--the teacher in the classroom thought something had fallen from a truck on the freeway that runs by us--and someone else thought it was gunfire. I missed the whole thing, having left early.

Apparently, the administration did not figure out what was going on until the next day, when:

a. Giora's mother told Jeckle, our ed director, that Giora had made her pull into a Rite Aid that morning, to get some toilet bowl cleaner, which he said he needed for a 'science experiment'. Since Giora does not take a science class, his mother found this odd, and mentioned it to Jeckle.

b. Heckle has a long talk with Giora in which she plays very dumb, and explains that she's thrilled to hear that he's bringing supplies for a science project--why doesn't she keep the toilet bowl cleaner in the office until Tante M., the science teacher, comes on Thursday to help them? She gets the cleaner, albeit minus some that Giora apparently managed to siphon off.

c. At lunchtime, Giora and some of his cronies were seen to be huddling around the far southwestern corner of the school, an area that is usually reserved by a small group of girls not connected to Giora and friends.

d. Jeckle, when he went to investigate, was told nervously by Gershom that 'Uhhhh, you shouldn't be standing there, Jeckle."

Second bomb. This one did not go off. I'm not sure if this was because they had limited cleaner or what. Suspensions, in-school supervision, etc.

I love the smell of hydrocloric acid in the middle of the afternoon. Smells like--a school on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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