Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer in Swing--Louisiana Saturday Night

I am finally starting to relax after the Husband and I got back a week ago from visiting his family in Louisiana.

I merely note:

1.The humidity is amazing. I got out of the car at 10 at night, and my glasses fogged over.

2. My husband comes by his hoarding tendencies honestly. He and his mother are limited in what they can do by space constraints. My grandmother-in-law has eleven acres. Enough said.

3. My new niece (age four months) is completely adorable.

4. My older niece (age 12) is also pretty cute.

5.My sister-in-law is a brave woman. She drove from Tennessee to Louisiana with a four-month-old, a twelve-year-old, a German shepherd and beagle in the car.

6. After I teased my husband on the flight about how anyone I spend enough time with turns out to be Jewish, my grandfather-in-law informed me on the first morning we were there that the Cherokee are a Lost Tribe.

7. I learned about deer whistles.

8. If I never see another biscuit, it will be too soon.

9.My MIL has adopted a baby woodpecker.

10. Family.

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